Basics of Biblical Counseling

This 13-week course* meets once weekly for two-hours and directs participants to Biblical principles that explain why Christians struggle in such areas as depression, anxiety, anger management, and guilt. Learn how to lead people to the answers that are transforming and lasting.


  1.  Introduction: The Six Distinctives of This Model of Biblical Counseling
  2. The Sufficiency of Scripture to Address the Problems We All Face
  3. The Nature of Man from a Biblical Perspective
  4. New Identity in Christ
  5. Experiencing Your New Identity in Christ
  6. Belief Systems
  7. Emotions
  8. Renewing the Mind
  9. Father-God Concept
  10. Absent Father Syndrome
  11. Torah Syndrome (Legalism and Its Ramifications)
  12. Spiritual Warfare
  13. Review and Final Exam

Each class session consists of:

60 minutes     Review/discuss homework, case study, and personal application questions

15 minutes     Break

35 minutes     Lecture

10 minutes     Homework assignment given

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* “Pneumanetics” course provided by Scope Ministries International, Inc., with permission.