The Weight of Grace book

Small Groups

These short-term, didactic groups for 4 to 12 participants combine teaching and interacting with others as you make practical application to your daily life.   See below for current small group schedule.

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The Weight of Grace: Experience the Freedom From Overeating That You Already Have
A 15-week small group experience for women who struggle with overeating and overweight

  •      Introduction
  •      Here’s My Story; What’s Yours?
  •      God Wants You to Have Freedom (and He’s Not Disgusted With You)
  •      If I’m a “New Creation in Christ,” Why Am I Still Fat?
  •      Identifying Underlying Beliefs: What’s Behind Overeating and Overweight
  •      Are You Really Getting It So Far?
  •      Emotions and their Relationship to Overeating
  •      Some Specific Emotions We “Swallow”
  •      Returning to True Hunger, Part 1
  •      Returning to True Hunger, Part 2
  •      Why Diets Don’t Work, Especially for Christians
  •      Squeezing into the Mold
  •      What’s Sex Got to Do with It?
  •      “Fat” and Marriage
  •      Where Do You Go from Here?

Current Small Group Schedule

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