The Weight of Grace book

The Weight of Grace Book

A Workbook/Bible Study for Individuals or Small Groups

The Weight of Grace can be used by individuals or small groups and contains an easy-to-use facilitator’s guide.  It is formatted in workbook style with spaces provided where women can write answers to application questions.

“We’ve enjoyed using The Weight of Grace for women’s small groups and have been very pleased with the content and how the book has ministered to those who have participated. I would highly recommend The Weight of Grace to churches and disciple-ship ministries because it helps women with far more than overeating; it leads them to the root of why they overeat, helps them learn to process their emotions in a healthy way, and deepens their dependency upon the Father and His Word.”  

Bill Ewing, President, Christian Life Ministries, Rapid City, South Dakota

Weight of Grace Cover

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Chapter Headings: 

Will You Benefit from Reading this Book?
How to Effectively Use this Book’s Format

  1. Here’s My Story – What’s Yours?
  2. God Wants You to Have Freedom (and He’s Not Disgusted with You)
  3. If I’m a “New Creation in Christ,” Why Am I Still Fat?
  4. Identifying Underlying Beliefs: What Motivates Overeating and Overweight?
  5. Are You Really Getting It So Far?
  6. Emotions and Overeating
  7. Some Specific Emotions We “Swallow”
  8. Returning to True Hunger – Part 1
  9. Returning to True Hunger – Part 2
  10. Why Diets Don’t Work, Especially for Christians
  11. Squeezing into the Mold
  12. What’s Sex Got to Do with It?
  13. “Fat” and Marriage
  14. Where Do You Go from Here?

Facilitator’s Guide