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Fat and Forgiveness

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Holding a grudge can be fattening!

Many women who feel wronged, angry, and hurt “stuff” their emotions by overeating. They find the bitterness and rage too uncomfortable to feel, so they distract themselves with food.

Also, many women do not feel their hurts and suffering are adequately acknowledges, especially by the people who hurt them, so they “scream out” by overeating and by being large. “See how you’ve wronged me! I’m so hurt I have to comfort myself. I’m so hurt I have nowhere to turn but to food!” They may also seek revenge by making themselves “fat,” saddling an erring husband with a less-than-attractive wife.

Some women become so alarmed at their own rage and desires for revenge that they use overeating and overweight to punish themselves for their heinous sins.

When you’ve been wounded, when someone has treated you unjustly, especially when the person is a loved one you thought loved you, the human response is anger and hurt and bitterness. But God provides us a pathway to freedom from these horribly uncomfortable emotions and the eating we do in response to them. He enables us to forgive.

Forgiveness is not the “natural” response. Forgiveness requires supernatural intervention, an eternal perspective, and an understanding of the costly forgiveness Jesus offers to you.

If you are eating your way through anger, bitterness, and thoughts of revenge, do as Jesus did when he was treated so very unjustly by the people he loved. See 1 Peter 2:22-23. Jesus kept entrusting himself to the one who judges justly. Turn to God, express all you feel to him, and ask him for the grace, power, and perspective to forgive.