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Tis the Season…

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…to overindulge, knowing that the new year is coming and, with it, a new beginning for really sticking to that diet this time. But, maybe this year, that frustrating diet could be replaced by a totally different approach that centers on God’s power instead of one’s own willpower.

As trivial as dieting may seem when compared to the weightier issues of life, for many woman, the struggle with overeating is – excuse the pun – all-consuming. Concerns about weight and diet can color and control every area of a woman’s life.

I can’t really serve at the church until I have this weight under control.

We can’t start a family until I lose weight.

There’s no point in witnessing – they’ll take one look at me and discount my testimony.

I can’t stand it when my husband sees my fat, so I avoid sex.

No one would want me to teach their kids in Sunday school – what kind of role model would I be?

Women tend to believe they need to just try harder to lose the weight and then God will be pleased with them and able to work in and through them. They couldn’t be more wrong. Weight of Grace Ministries presents to women the biblical truths that point to a way out of the try hard/give up cycle of dieting.

  • God uses weak and broken people more often than the strong.
  • God does not judge anyone based on her appearance.
  • God’s grace frees us, and legalism (such as dieting) actually perpetuates and increases sin.
  • God wants His people to know Him and rely on Him and is already pleased with them because of Jesus.

If you know a woman who constantly struggles to lose weight or control her eating, you can tell her you know someone who has been there and, unbelievably, now has total freedom from that struggle. If this piques her interest, you can direct her to and the workbook, The Weight of Grace, available at and at

These resources are made possible by donations. The costs of developing, printing, marketing, and shipping are all underwritten by donors. THANK YOU to those who have given so generously over the past 13 years!!

As the January dieting season approaches, please consider pointing a friend to biblical principles that offer true freedom in Christ.